Blender: io_import_off

This is a Blender plugin which imports DEC Object File Format (.off) files. This feature was built-in for blender 2.49 but apparently has been removed for version 2.54 beta. I have implement the input parsing according to this format specification.

However, note that I add a face as a triangle fan. Hence, you may take care that your faces are all convex. Blender 2.49 also had this restriction. If you know how to easily add a non-convex n-gon to blender within the Python blender API then please write me a mail. Maybe I add some triangulation code for faces in the future. However, the cleaner solution would be to add the actual n-gon.

Installation. As the Blender API keeps up changing frequently, I moved the code to a git repository at You can clone the repository or obtain the file in the current version. This file needs to be placed into Blender’s addon directory. On my system this is ‘/usr/share/blender/scripts/addons/’.