A gruvbox colorscheme for mutt

Gruvbox is a well designed, popular colorscheme for vim that was inspired by Solarized and others. For my recently uploaded modular vim configuration I have chosen gruvbox as default colorscheme, analogously to SpaceVim.

As I use vim for composing mails in mutt, I therefore would like to have gruvbox for mutt as well. Unfortunately, the only one I found did not work for me. This is why I fetched the color codes from vim and wrote my own gruvbox colorscheme for mutt, which looks like this:

Mutt screenshot

Download and usage

Simply clone the git repository mutt-gruvbox or its replication on github or download the colorscheme files.1 For instance:

cd ~/.mutt
git clone https://git.sthu.org/repos/mutt-gruvbox.git gruvbox

I use neomutt (version 20180512) on Gentoo Linux and mutt (version 1.7.2) on Debian Linux. I split the colorscheme into two files:

The former defines colors for objects known by both, mutt and neomutt. The latter defines colors for additional objects only known by neomutt.

After placing them somewhere into ~/.mutt/, source them in your ~/.mutt/muttrc. For instance:

source ~/.mutt/gruvbox/colors-gruvbox-shuber.muttrc
# For neomutt uncomment this line:
# source ~/.mutt/gruvbox/colors-gruvbox-shuber-extended.muttrc


2021-02-16: Put files into a dedicated repository.

  1. Previous versions have been part of my shutils repository.