The python package randcirc computes a given number of random circles in the unit square and is able to extract intersection-free arcs covering the circle-set. To do this in reasonable time geometric hashing has been implemented. The code can be easily extended to other objects than circles and arcs. Only a few primtiva have to be implemented for the geometric object wanted.

I have implemented this package for my diploma thesis of Voronoi diagrams of circular arcs (, straight-line segments and points). Therefore you can export the data into two file formats: VRONIs site-format and CGALs dat-format. You can download the code here.

Please note, that this package is still in development state!

On my 1.6 Ghz notebook I can insert 10.000 circles with random-radii up to 0.005 with a 100x100 grid in about 41 seconds. The result consisted of ~20.000 arcs and circles. When using psyco the computation was done in 27 seconds.

randcirc screenshot
Screenshot: ./randcirc.py --nmb 30 --resx 20 --resy 10 --gui