A small python script I wrote to do timings of talks or exams and the like.

After downloading timer.py you can call

timer.py -h
Usage: /usr/bin/timer.py [--reverse] [--offset <time>] [--update <time>] [--round <int>]
       /usr/bin/timer.py -h
       /usr/bin/timer.py --help

  --reverse           count backwards
  --offset <time>     start counting from specified offset
  --update <time>     interval between two screen updates
  --round <int>       round seconds by specified number of digits

<time> is an integer specifing the number of seconds or a string
of the format "<int>{d,h,m,s}" with the suffixes d(ay), h(our),
m(inute), s(econd).

As an example, to time a talk at CCCG2012 you can call

% TZ="Canada/Atlantic" timer.py --offset 17m --reverse
started at 2012-08-08 13:15:03.092175
 16m 55s