Samsung YP-K3

I bought the MP3-player "Samsung YP-K3" a few days ago. Here I want to report about my experiences I made on using the K3 on my Linux system.
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2008-03-30: A method for upgrading the firmware version 3.09 to Korean firmwares 4.xx has become public.

New firmware

Upgrading the Samsung K3 to the Korean firmware versions 4.xx has several advantages, including: At first, upgrading a K3 with a firmware version 3.09 was not able. But these days a new method has become public, exploiting the boot mode of the K3 to load a firmware in RAM. You can find a step-by-step description at


If you are using a 3.xx firmware, you need MTP support. One possible MTP implementation uses FUSE and can be installed on a Gentoo system as follows:

emerge fuse libmtp

To copy/delete songs, pictures, etc. to/from the K3, I installed the mtpfs package. Gentoos portage does not contain this package, hence I downloaded the source archive and a simple

make install
as superuser did it. The Gentoo wiki of the K3 contains an explanation to use a 3rd party ebuild. Now, we can mount the k3 and alter the content by something like

mkdir /mnt/k3
mtpfs /mnt/k3
cp/mv/rm ...
fusermount -u /mnt/k3

Interesstingly, I was able to copy non-jpg and non-mp3 files as well. As I think I could remember, this was not possible when using the Windows Explorer for copying, which I tested before all that.

ID3 Tags

However, the most annoying for me was the damn ID3 tag usage. Many MP3s one has on a hard disk may not contain ID3-tags. Fortunately, Linux users have a bash where they can change/set ID3 tags on a large amount of files systematically. Lets say, you have a directory called "AlbumX" containing the corresponding mp3-files. Save the following script as ""

"Set song title based on file name" - script


SONG=${STRIP//_/ }
id3v2 --song "$SONG" "$1"

and call IFS=$'\n'; for i in `ls *.mp3`; do "$i"; done to set the the song title of all those mp3s based on the filename. Often, there are mp3s with filenames like "artist - song.mp3". In this case you could use a script like the following:

"Set song title and artist based on file name" - script

STRIP=${STRIP//_/ } 
SONG=${STRIP#*- } 
SONG=${SONG//_/ } 
if [ -f "$1" ]; 
	id3v2 --song "$SONG" --artist "$ARTIST" "$1" 
	echo "file does not exist" 
To set the album or the genre for a whole directory a simple call like "id3v2 --album "AlbumX" *.mp3" works as well. This section does not intend to be complete. You may easily think of ways to extend and modify the scripts above.


The Samsung K3 is a very decent MP3 player (and my first one). Using the K3 with a 3.xx firmware is fine, but since the Korean firmware is available again, I enjoy the K3 even more.